The surface of the floor must be completely dry. Please note that even though the floor may appear dry, it may still retain moisture. Moisture testing is a mandatory step in subfloor preparations.
Prepare all rulers, cutters, adhesives, spreaders, and compass dividers before commencing work.
Find the exact center of the floor by marking vertical and horizontal lines across the floor.
Measure the square-ness of the marked lines, and then start applying adhesives on the first quarter of the marked floor space.
Work on small portions of the floor at a time, and apply adhesives accordingly. Optimum usage of adhesive is 0.3 to 0.45kg per square meter.
Approximately 20 to 30 minutes after applying adhesive, lay the flooring products.
Keep a distance of 1 mm from the wall and the edge of the flooring products. Press products down firmly so that the product lies flat on the ground.
As the adhesives dry quickly, remove excess adhesive immediately by using alcohol or alkali water.